The nature walk takes place on the slopes of Monte Poro, not far from Capo Vaticano.

This trekking walk lasts 3 and a half hours. Starting from the Cala di Volpe Village, through an ancient mule track completely surrounded by nature, you reach Monteporo.

During the tour, the guide will illustrate the rich heritage of the flora, from which very particular plants such as the Mediterranean orchids stand out, including “orchis italica” and “Woodwardia radicans”.

A path about 4 km long with very important technical aspects so as to be classified as a path for hikers, with panoramic ideas of extraordinary beauty. A long chain of natural beauties that alternates vegetation rich in olive groves and flower gardens with an enchanting coast of sands and cliffs. In the distance you can see the Aeolian Islands and Sicily.

The Poro is not only a geographical expression, rich in mysteries and history, where peasant culture has remained more alive than in other areas, but it is also an area with its own gastronomic peculiarities, typical of the peoples linked to the agro-world. pastoral and its ancient traditions. In the area there is a dense pine forest very popular in summer by tourists and home to the festival of the now famous Pecorino di Monte Poro.

On the way you will visit a farm and you will taste typical products, including, besides the well-known ‘nduja di Spilinga, the capicollo, the soppressata and other typical cured meats, ricotta, preserves in oil and the delicious Pecorino di Monte Pore. The latter is considered by many to be the best in southern Italy: the milk from local farms is made special precisely by the essences of the plateau, on which extensive grazing is practiced.

After the tasting, return to the village.