Calabria, besides its splendid coasts, has a very rich natural heritage in the form of a predominantly hilly and mountainous territory, rich in biodiversity: characteristic flora and fauna that can best be observed with a trekking route, guided by one of our expert guides.

Mount Poro can be defined as the fulcrum of the Vibonese hinterland: it overlooks the splendid landscape of the “Costa degli Dei”, nestled in a panoramic position between the mountains and the sea, and it is characterized by very extensive meadows that are still used today for grazing. The altitude, 700 meters above sea level, not being very high, has allowed the development of rich vegetation among green pastures, olive groves, vineyards and rows of poplars.

Discover the Calabrian tradition and culture through a tour in the hinterland, in particular in the rock settlement of Zungri, dating back to the X -XII century, consisting of a hundred caves, of various sizes and shapes on an area of ​​about 3000 square meters . Passing through the countryside of Monte Poro with a visit to farms you can taste typical products such as the ‘nduja di Spilinga or the onion of Tropea, in addition to the delicious Pecorino del Poro.

Admiring old crafts with the explanation of entire production cycles means discovering the nuances of the flavors and smells of a territory, it means living an indelible experience of one’s life.