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Itineraries to discover

Itineraries of history, culture, religion, gastronomy, art… on the magical land of Calabria.

The millenary land inhabited by bruzi, the peninsula with clear skies and crystalline seas, famous for the traditional hospitality of the new ones, a region full of an endless alternation and succession of natural landscapes to be discovered.

Calabria, a land of unpredictable attractions, always capable of arousing a pleasant sense of amazement….

The Village is a seaside resort that makes tranquility and relaxation its strengths.

For this reason, all the activities are well integrated into the context, proposing themselves in order to leave guests on vacation, free to choose how to best enjoy their stay.

Village activities

Organized excursions

An incredible variety of landscapes and traditions, wonderful white beaches, turquoise sea and suggestive sunsets.

Our excursions give you the opportunity to explore Calabria and Sicily in a unique and fun way.

Calabria, in addition to its splendid coasts, has a very rich natural heritage in the form of a predominantly hilly and mountainous territory, rich in biodiversity: characteristic flora and fauna that can be best observed with a guided trekking route.

Explore the Calabrian hinterland by bicycle, with personalized routes, suitable for all types of age and resistance.

So what are you waiting for? Backpack on your shoulders, trained legs … and off you go!

Nature sports packages